Chris, I was so satisfied with your services on my living room furniture. It came so clean and smelled great. I was also impressed with how it was done. It was dried in no time at all and you were so neat and clean. The "booties" were great! Great work by you and your Dad. Thanks Again.

Ann Tavares

RI Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Would you be surprised to learn that most carpet cleaning companies have no formal training? They are not required to be licensed? That there is no requirement for companies to have any certification what so ever? Is Training and certification important? After all, isn't carpet cleaning a "menial" task anyone can perform?


FACTS about your Carpet!

  1. Looks Are Not Everything!
  2. Dirt, Sand and Grit are KILLING it!!!!
  3. Traffic Lane Trouble…

“But, My Carpets Don’t Look Dirty.”