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My name is Chris Augusto. I am the president of Dream Carpets, Inc. Dream Carpets, Inc is a “Father & Son” owned and operated boutique cleaning company. We provide the highest quality cleaning solutions to residential and commercial clients in Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts. We take pride in offering your family the safest Green Carpet Cleaning.


If you’re sick and tired of… inexperienced, uneducated, unscrupulous, dirt cheap, splash-n-dash, wet for days, no guarantee, bait-n-switch, rude and downright unethical carpet cleaners, then I invite you to read further…


From our inception in 2006, we have changed the carpet cleaning industry in Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts. Being a homeowner myself, with (2) Bassett Hounds, my carpets continually needed cleaning. I had them cleaned every 4 months and tried every cleaner in the phonebook. If you’ve had your carpet cleaned before, I’m sure you had these (5) experiences too!


1) Wasted Time: “We’ll be there between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.” Have you ever had to wait all day for a service company to show up? Like your time isn’t valuable? Dream Carpets offers a two (2) hour appointment window. If we’re late, we’ll clean your favorite chair for FREE!


2) Worthless Guarantees: Such as — “SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!” You hear this all the time. If it was guaranteed then why are there so many horror stories out there? At Dream Carpets, we offer The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever, or it’s FREE! We really do stand behind every job we do with our 200% Iron-Clad No-Risk Guarantee. There is absolutely NOTHING more important than your complete and total satisfaction!


3) Bait & Switch: Many carpet cleaners advertise super-low prices hoping you call them for service – that’s the bait! Then once they arrive, everything suddenly becomes an additional charge – that’s the switch! At Dream Carpets, we offer 3 unique cleaning packages. We price by the square foot, and there are never any additional charges!


4.) Carpets were WET for Days!: We’ve invested time in obtaining the best training and education in the Industry. We do not saturate your carpets! Lazy, un-educated cleaning companies over-wet your carpet and pad. We call them “Splash & Dash” Cleaners. They Run In then Run Out, taking your hard-earned money with them.


5.) The Carpets Re-Soiled Quickly: Most cleaning companies use the cheapest, Soap Based cleaning agent to clean your carpets. If your carpets were wet for a long period of time, you can bet there was more than just water left in your carpets. The residue of these cheap soap-based cleaners is what naturally attracts the dirt and your carpets re-soil quickly. Dream Carpets, Inc. refuses to use discount, inferior products. These products are made with the cheapest, toxic chemicals and their residue is unsafe for your family and pets. We use the safest Green, soap-free cleaning agents which leave no sticky residue on your floor covering and fabrics. Your floor coverings & fabrics will stay cleaner longer!


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