Strip & Wax VCT

Floor Waxing – Scrub and Recoat Floor Maintenance: VCT Tile, Linoleum, Epoxy and Decorative concrete floors are susceptible to wear and tear from foot traffic abrasion tracked in from sand and dirt. With a proper maintenance program, you can prolong the life of your floors for years enhancing the appearance and saving a lot of money from replacement.

Scrub and recoat systems with a high solids floor wax will minimize routine maintenance.

How the Scrub and Recoat Process Works

We recommend a new floor coated with 3 coats of floor wax. We use a high performance wax with 28% solids.

The wax will wear and scratch. Scratches are usually small and shallow but enough to cut down light refraction causing floors to look dull. Additionally, scratches will harbor dirt and bacteria.

Every floor wears differently, but assume the scrub and recoat process is required every three months.

The scrub is the process of stripping the top 1 or 2 coats of the floor wax. This removes the scratches, dirt and bacteria. Then we recoat the floor with 2 new coats of wax. Over time, the strip and recoat process layers increase enhancing the durability of the floor.

Burnishing High Solids Wax Coats

If you want to take your floor to the next level of durability, wax coats burnished with a high speed floor buffer will do just that. There are numerous buffing pads, most commonly used is a horse hair pad. The choice of burnishing pads is important. The wrong one can damage the surface.

The burnishing process melts and polishes simultaneously. The result is an attractive shine with increased durability.

Areas We Serve and Services We Provide

We are based in Tiverton, Rhode Island. We provide a full-service carpet cleaning and floor maintenance service for residential homes, retail stores, offices, restaurants, auto and marine showrooms and industrial facilities.