Hardwood Floors

The enemy of hardwood floors is water. The conventional concept is to dust and/or clean your hardwood flooring with a soapy mop. While this process will not show any deterioration at first, after 20-30 soapy mop cleanings, you will experience streaking and dullness.

In restaurants, the biggest issue we encounter is improper cleaning with a wet mop. Typically, a wet mop moves dirt and grease which dries on the floor. This process enables dirt and grease to settle in the hardwood joints. This method also causes more issues and frequently an annoying odor.

Additionally, abrasive cleaning brushes will dull the surface. In extreme cases, the finish coat is removed opening the pores in the hardwood.

Often, we also find property owners that use a mixture of vinegar and water for hardwood floor cleaning, but unfortunately, this method causes further damage to delicate wood as well.

The solution is our maintenance, deep cleaning, and refinish system.

Cleaning and Protecting Hardwood Floors for The Long Term

We don’t just clean carpets. We also provide cleaning and maintenance programs to protect the long term beauty of your hardwood floors.

Tips for Protecting Your Floor

• Minimize the use of damp mops
• Avoid using harsh brushes which will damage the floor finish
• Clean spills to avoid damaging finish
• Humidity can cause issues with Hardwood Floors. Maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels.
• Sliding furniture across the floor will cause scratches allowing for dirt buildup.
• Avoid placing non-breathable floor maps
• Clean with vacuums to remove dirt, followed by using an auto scrubber with alkaline and neutral cleaners.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Programs

For best results to maintain the beauty of your hardwood, a regular deep cleaning to remove, dirt from scratches and joints followed with the application of a finish coat.

Regular professional maintenance of your hardwood floors will enable them to look great for a lifetime.