Oriental Rug Washing

Oriental Rug Washing RI 200Did you know Dream Carpets has the only full immersion rug cleaning plant in Rhode Island and have Certified Rug Cleaning Technicians? In-Plant Rug Cleaning is the only way to have a hand-made, natural fiber rug properly cleaned. Handmade rugs need to be cleaned gently and the proper pre-inspection, dry soil removal, and washing of the rug cannot be performed in the customer’s home.

Unfortunately, most carpet cleaning company’s clean hand-made oriental rugs the way the clean wall to wall carpet, they Steam-Clean it. We will only clean, inexpensive, synthetic rugs at your home. We prefer to clean them outside on a clean tarp which we provide, either on a concrete garage floor or paved driveway when available.

For detailed information regarding our oriental rug cleaning process, please visit our sister site www.orientalrugcleaningri.com