Rugs, Tile and Carpet Cleaning Newport RI

You vacuum your carpet and dust your furniture, but do you ever think of the other items that are in your home and how they need to be cleaned? Carpet cleaning newport ri is more than just cleaning carpet. It is about making your home a safe place to live and ensuring that your home is not to blame for any health problems.


Aside from carpets, rugs that are laid throughout the home, drapes and cloth furniture all need a good cleaning from time to time. These items are just as dirty as the carpet, maybe even more so depending on the location of the items.


Carpet Cleaning Newport RI: More Than Carpet


The needs for every home differs when talking about the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. However, most homes will want to ensure that they are getting their drapes, rugs and other soft surfaces cleaned throughout the home. Consider this scenario, your family dog runs into your home, steps onto the carpet where you see a muddy paw print, but then lays on the soft couch. Though you see the dirt in the carpet, there is just as much dirt, animal hair and dander on your couch.


So what can you do? Aside from forbidding mans best friend to jump on the couch, you need to have these cloth products cleaned as well. Carpet cleaning newport ri is all about carpets, yet most products like drapes, couches and rugs can have the same cleaning process done to them as well.


Why Carpet Cleaning Newport RI for Rugs


Many people think that simply lifting their rugs, taking them outside and giving them a small shake is sufficiently cleaning their rugs. The truth is this is really only removing the dirt and debris that is on top of the rug, not what has been grounded into the rug. Through cleaning your rugs as you would your carpet you are:


– Making your rug look and smell better

– Removing allergens completely

– Prolonging the life of the rug


Rugs, Tile and Carpet Cleaning Newport RI


Your couches and drapes are consistently in the path of debris and dirt. For example, drapes tend to attract dust if they are located near air and heat vents and couches are the center for most families, meaning dirt, dust, germs and bacteria are all present on the surface. These household objects need a thorough cleaning at least once or twice a year, just as you would deep clean your carpet. In fact, it is a good idea to do the carpet, along with the other cloth items in the home at the same time. Those who do will find that this makes their house feel cleaner, not to mention the various other health benefits they receive from doing this.


Carpet cleaning newport ri is more than just cleaning your carpets. Those who want to ensure their home is clean will need to consider deep cleaning all the cloth objects in a room, as well as rugs that may be lying around.

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